Kiddie Academy of Greenlawn
787 Pulaski Road, Greenlawn, NY  11740
(631) 261-2220

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Im On My Way! At Kiddie Academy five-year-olds are recognized for their special talents and interests. The program includes guided learning experiences in language arts, math, science, social studies, creative arts and music. Emphasis is placed on developing phonetic awareness, reading and writing skills in an environment promoting creative expression and peer cooperation. Their environment fosters a love of learning and prepares children for a successful journey through their school age years and beyond.  

We recognize that children frequently test limits and our caregivers minimize restrictions unless children are in danger. We recognize that the best way to accomplish this goal with children is through praise and positive reinforcement. Our caregivers are skilled in redirecting a child from inappropriate behaviors to actively engaging them in other more appropriate behaviors.

Kiddie Academy of Greenlawn will be offering Full Day Kindergarten staring September 2012.  We also currently offer a Kindergarten Enrichment Program for children who attend Half Day Kindergarten elsewhere.  Bus transportation for the Enrichment Program is only available for Harborfields School District students.  Students from other districts are welcome, but would need to provide their own transportation.

Kindergarten Sample Daily Schedule

6:30 8:45

Welcoming Children/Health Inspection/Breakfast/Table Games



8:45 9:00

Bathroom/Hand Washing/Prepare for Snack



9:00 9:30

Morning Snack



9:30 10:00

Circle Time (Language Arts)



10:00 10:15

Creative Movement/Music/Drama



10:15 10:45

Learning Center Exploration in Small Group Activities (Creative Arts & Match



10:45 11:15

Outdoor Play/Gross Motor Activities



11:15 11:45

Social Studies/Spanish



11:45 12:00

Bathroom/Hand Washing



12:00 12:30




12:30 12:45

Bathroom/Story Time



12:45 1:45

Rest Time



1:45 2:00

Bathroom/Hand Washing



2:00 3:00

Outdoor Play/Gross Motor



3:00 3:45

Hand Washing/Afternoon Snack



3:45 4:15

Afternoon Activity with Creative Arts



4:15 4:30

Bathroom/Hand Washing



4:30 5:15

Learning Center Exploration with Science Activities



5:15 6:30

Table Games/Pick Up

Daily Schedule for Kindergarten Enrichment


Arrival, Attendance-Children Sign In
Quiet Activities




Prepare for Bus Departure


Children are at Elementary School


Buses Arrive at Kiddie Academy
Journal Time




Circle Time (Greeting, Language Arts:
Themes, Letters and Numbers For The Week)


Outside Time/Gross Motor


Small Group Time (Math, Social Studies, or Science)


Creative Dramatics (Music and Movement)


Planning Time


Snack Time


Review Time/Share Time


Outdoor Time/Gross Motor


Center Time/Gross Motor


Quiet Activities, Homework