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Welcome to CampVentures 2017

Whether you are joining us for the first time or you are an old friend coming back to Kiddie Academy, you are sure to have a great summer!  We have many new adventures planned and we are really excited to share our plans with you!  We’ve made a few changes this year, taking all of our campers “favorites” into account. 

We know that the kids want summertime to be about fun, games, and exploring. CampVentures is an all-day summer camp program that pushes the bar on excitement. Campers are served a nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch as well as morning and afternoon snack each day.   We’ve got some really cool activities planned and related to fun themes each week…so get ready for lots of fun! 

CampVentures provides school age children time to enhance what they have learned in school, so we’re sneaking in the academics each and every week!  We’ll be working on group experiences that foster team efforts in many of our activities!  At the same time, the program is packed with activities and field trips that spark the imagination. CampVentures at Kiddie Academy of Greenlawn is a must for any kid who wants to socialize with friends, have fun and take part in interesting, new experiences!

We’ve mixed favorite old themes with new themes!  In July, we’ll be going on a few familiar field trips—but we’re also going to a few new places!  We’re most excited for Medieval Times.  This awesome field trip will have us cheering on our team’s Knight during a jousting tournament.  We’re also excited for Build a Bear and California Pizza Kitchen in July.  In August, we’ll be visiting a few new locations—Bubble Bakery in Babylon, Tikki Action Park in Centereach, Puzzle Break and Great Play in Syosset and of course our all-time favorites…Splish Splash and Adventure Land!

Since our Water Slides were such a big hit last year, we’re bringing them back 4 times this summer.   We’ve got plenty of Special Snacks and Cooking Activities planned.  We’ll be going back to visit our friends at MGA Gymnastics Center in Massapequa for 5 Monday trips. 

We have one “Split Trip” this year…meaning some destination’s attractions are geared towards 7 year olds and above, and others are appropriate for our campers under the age of 7.  This is the case for Puzzle Break/Great Play on August 11th.  We’ll have a few in house events throughout the summer…some favorites, like Mad Science and special guest visitors…A Bee Keeper, An Environmental Scientist and a Veteran.

We’ve based our 2017 camp calendar on your comments from the “Critic’s Corner” Board in each camp classroom!  We’re going to do “Critic’s Corner” again this year so you can post your reviews about our field trips, recipes and crafts each week.  This will give you the opportunity to reflect on the experience and decide which star rating each activity deserves! 

Every Thursday, we’ll be doing Yoga with Danielle Rae!  The children will participate in a 30-45 minute class consisting of breathing techniques, visualizations, yoga postures, games and relaxation. The programs benefits will include developing physical and mental strength, enhancing the brain, building a positive attitude and calm mind, while increasing self-esteem!

We’d also like to plan clubs based on their individual interests which may include Camp Newsletter; Cooking Club; Science Club; Art Club; Imagination Club; Sports Club or any other clubs the children may suggest.

Week 1:  Carnival Kick Off! (June 26 – June 30)

This week, we’re going to jump through hoops to get a mini carnival ready for the younger children at Kiddie Academy on Thursday!  First, we’ll need to work on Posters and Signs and Tickets to announce the carnival!  Then, we’ll need to work as a group to come up with several games and ideas for the carnival.  We’ll need to decide if we want a prize booth where the kids can redeem tickets or if they should just win a prize at the booth.  We’ll need to decide on a few special treats...maybe Sno Cones?  Italian Ices? Hot Pretzels?  We’ll need Game Signs/Booths and lists of materials we’ll need to set up the games.  We can decide if we all want to dress like clowns or some other carnival characters!  We can make a photo booth...are there any photographers to volunteer taking pictures of the kids with funny clown props?  Probably...but we’ll need to make the props too!  On Tuesday, we’ll have breakfast at the Greenlawn Family Restaurant.  On Wednesday, we’ll be going to What’s Cooking!   We’ll make pizza and cookies and then when we get back to camp, we’ll work on our final carnival prep for Thursday afternoon!  We’ll still have Thursday morning to prep and set up the carnival which will open around 3:30, after we do Yoga with Miss Danielle!  On Friday, we’ll go out to The Gateway Theatre in Bellport for an interactive show called, “Bubble Trouble”.  It’s amazing that the entire show is about bubbles!  If you’re lucky, you may get selected from the audience to help out on stage!  We’d like to sit back and relax when we get back from this trip, so we’ll bake and decorate clown cupcakes to enjoy! 

Week 2: Patriotic Hearts  (July 3 – July 7) (We are closed on July 4th)

This week, we’ll be learning about what it means to be Patriotic!  On Monday, July 3rd, we’ll have a Red, White and Blue Dress Up day to kick off the celebration of America’s Birthday!  We’ll make some Patriotic Slime, Crafts and Snacks to celebrate.  Camp will be closed in observance of Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4th!  We’ll meet a Veteran and we’ll have Patriotic Hearts prepared to send our thanks to those who have made great contributions to our nation.  We’ll also discuss what Freedom means to each of us.  On Wednesday, we’ll be making pizza and patriotic cookies at “What’s Cooking” in Oyster Bay!  When we get back, we’ll prepare lawn games for some Red, White and Blue fun that afternoon!  For the rest of the week, we’ll research the symbols of our great nation and the Armed Forces who protect us.  We’ll find out why the Statue of Liberty is green and other interesting facts!  On Friday, we’ll be going to Larkfield Lanes for some bowling and then we’ll stop by Ralph’s Italian Ice for a quick treat!

Week 3:  Teddy Bears!  (July 10 – July 14)

Everyone should have a special teddy bear to treasure!  This week we’ll be gearing up for a Teddy Bear Breakfast celebration on Thursday!  We’ll be learning about real bears and teddy you know how the teddy bear got its name?  It’s named after our 26th President and we’re going to find out why...and visit his summer home, Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay on Wednesday!  We’ll discover what bears love to eat in the wild and use some of those ingredients to prepare our food for the Teddy Bear Breakfast!  So bring your favorite teddy bear in from home for our breakfast.  Legend has it that bears love honey...just like Winnie the Pooh!  We’ll meet a real bee keeper and learn all about this important work!  We’ll see real honeycombs and make papier mache ones to use as decorations for our breakfast!  On Monday, we’ll talk about famous bears and do math and science with gummy bears after we return from MGA Gymnastics!  We’ll be creating our own teddy bears at Build a Bear on Friday and then we’ll make our lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen!  

Week 4:  Medieval Times  (July 17 – July 21)

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the Queen or King of a castle?  This week, we’ll get the chance to learn about Medieval Times, their Feudal System, Royalty and their pastimes.  We’ll learn all about their lifestyle and how they protected their castles.  We’ll be learning lots of new vocabulary words.  We’ll do some Medieval Chemistry and have a Catapult Challenge, after we create our own Catapults!  We’ll research castles that are still standing all over the world!  Then, we’ll create a Recycled Castle complete with a Drawbridge, Mote and Flags.  On Monday, after we get back from MGA Gymnastics, we’ll learn about the Coat of Arms and create our very own, including our Medieval Names.  We’ll weave Medieval Cords (Bracelets) to match our Coat of Arms.  On Wednesday, we’ll visit Medieval Times in NJ for a Jousting Tournament between 6 brave Knights!   Last year, we met some friends who taught us about fencing.  This year, we’ll be learning about Jousting and Archery!  On Friday we’ll end the theme with our own Tournament to include Jousting, Archery and Fencing! 

Week 5: Earth Day, Every Day!  (July 24 – July 28)

This spring, you probably celebrated Earth Day by completing awareness type activities, but have you continued to make an effort to save our Planet?  We’ll talk about the repercussions of not taking care of our planet...and learn the effects of Water and Air Pollution through scientific exploration!  We’ll meet an environmental scientist and hear all about her work in the field!  We’ll go on Nature Walks to reconnect with our neighborhood and collect litter as we go!  We’ll use the litter to create an awareness mural.  We’ll make canvas tote bags so you don’t have to use plastic bags!  We’ll talk about recycling and use your old crayons from home to reinvent them into Scribble Cookies!  Not to eat, color with...but we will bake some earthly cupcakes.  We will use recyclable materials to create an Earth Day, Every Day game board and see who wants to participate in a Book Swap (with your parent’s permission).  On Monday, our friends from Mad Science will come to Kiddie Academy to teach us about the Black & Blue Oceans...Dreadful Oil Spills and their impact on our oceans, coasts and sea life!  On Tuesday, our Big Water Slide returns! On Thursday, we’ll have a visit from the Star Lab and explore what is beyond our planet.  We’ll visit the Vanderbilt Planetarium on Friday.

Week 6:  Sweet Treats!  (July 31st – August 4th)

What a sweet week this is going to be!  We won’t be eating all of the sweets we’ll be exploring this week!  We’ll use Sugar Cubes for painting and we’ll make Playdoh with Marshmallows!  We’ll watch the classic movie; Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory which will inspire us to do some fun Wonka Crafts over the course of the week!  We’ll create our own Chocolate Bars and Wrappers and then write advertisements!  We’ll play Wonka Bingo!  We’ll be doing some Candy Experiments...who knew you could use candy for science!!!  On Monday, we’ll visit MGA Gymnastics and our Water Slide will be back this Tuesday!  On Wednesday, we’ll be visiting Bubble Bakery for a Pastry Chef workshop and then we’ll have a Cake Boss Decorating Contest on Thursday...not a real cake, but it will certainly look and smell real when we use our Marshmallow Playdoh as Fondant!  On Friday, we’ll visit our friends at Chocolate Works in Commack and become “Master Chocolatiers”!  We’ll make our own creations on their conveyor belt!  We’ll also create our own themed chocolates from molds and play Candy Trivia Bingo! 

Week 7:  The Great Escape  (August 7th – August 11th)

Have you heard of Escape Rooms?  Some are scary...some are not but they are always a challenge!  Working together as a team, we will encounter 5 different Escape Days this week!  We’ll have different themes with clues for you to figure out--together!  Some clues are easy...riddles, jokes, and Brain Teasers.  Some will include Scavenger Hunts, Maps, Secret Languages like Morse code; Condensation Messages, Backwards Messages and you may even need Secret Decoders to help you!  You’ll learn about the Cryptex an invention created by Leonardo da Vinci and work together to create one for your team to use!  We’ll have “Key” Elements to help you solve the mysteries...but you will need to play strategically!  There will be “Laser” obstacles and if you make it to the end, you’ll get to pose in our photo booth with Speech Bubble messages, just like the real Escape Rooms.  We will be going to MGA Gymnastics on Monday.  On Tuesday, Mad Science will be here to do a “Glow Show” with us!  Wednesday, we’ll be going to Tikki Action Park to experience a real Laser Maze, mini golf and other fun activities.  On Friday, children ages 7-12 will be going to a Real Escape Room at Puzzle Break, while the 5 and 6 year olds walk over to Great Play for fun activities within the same building!

Week 8:  Sports FANatic  (August 14th – August 18th)

This week is all about sports...and discovering what it means to be a FAN and what it takes to be an ATHLETE! We’ll talk about your favorite sports and teams and create pennants to show your dedication!  We’ll research and report on our favorite athletes and create a Jersey Style Poster to share what you have learned!  We’ll web all the components of sports we can think of...Professional/Recreational; Water/Land, Mainstream/Less Known; Skills/Discipline; Equipment; Determination; Skills; Nutrition...can’t wait to see how far we can break it down!  We’ll discover more sports/related themes that we’d like to learn more about and we’ll do just that!  Our Water Slide will be here on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we’ll be going to Picasso kids for some paint time.  On Friday, we’ll be going to Give it Your All Sports and we’ll play lots of different sports.  They have an inflatable obstacle course, human foosball and dek hockey! 

Week 9: Mad Science (August 21st – August 25th)

We’ve tried to incorporate lots of science activities this summer...but we had so many awesome activities that we decided to dedicate an entire week to science!   On Monday we’ll be exploring Super Sticky and Bouncy Stuff!  We’ll make Flubber and our own Super Balls!  Think we can make an egg bounce?  We do!  On Tuesday morning, we’ll go on the Big Water Slide and then, we will explore Magnets!  What materials do they attract?  Repel?  How can we use that knowledge to move race cars or magnets through mazes or make paper dolls move?  On Wednesday, we’ll explore Engineering Challenges and Chain Reactions!  Everyone loves the Marble Racers...think you can build one with straws and clay and ping pong balls?  You’ll learn about the Engineering Design Process which will help you plan your Roller Coaster!   Thursday will be Magical as you witness chemical reactions right before your eyes!  We’ll make Elephant Toothpaste, Lemon Fresh Volcanos and some other cool reactions with citrus!  Friday is the trip you’ve all been waiting for...Splish Splash!

Week 10: Color Wars!  (August 28th – September 1)

On Monday, we’ll have breakfast at Greenlawn Farms.  Tuesday is the last day of our Water Slide.  It’s hard to believe the summer will be over!  This week we’ll be exploring color!  We’ll learn and experiment with the Primary and Secondary Color Wheels!  We’ll do lots of artwork including Tye Dye T-shirts and experiments with color...artsy, scientific and eruptive color!  We’ll be mixing colors and testing color runs!  We’ll make Magic Milk and explore what happens to colors when you mix them with Baking Soda and Vinegar!  These activities are more chain reactions that we learned about during Mad Science week!   Our Color Wars begin when we break you into color teams for new challenges and relays!  We’ll play Capture the Flag and other team games to see which team is the ultimate Color Wars champions!  On Wednesday, we’ll revisit Bounce U in Nesconset once again!   On Friday, we’ll be going to Adventure Land and we’ll have a colorful celebration for the last day of camp and yes...we’ll wear our Tye Dye Shirts!

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