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My three year old son has been at Kiddie Academy of Greenlawn since he was 10 months old. I can not express enough how comfortable and at ease I feel
having him cared for at KA. The environment is so friendly, safe and clean and lots of fun for him! The teachers are warm and caring and he loves them!
In addition to a safe, friendly environment my son learns so much and has social skills beyond my expectations. I feel so fortunate to have found KA!
Mother of a 3 Year Old, October 2011

As a first time parent my husband and I were hesitant about finding someone to watch our newborn daughter when we both had to go back to work. After the initial meeting at Kiddie Academy we were sure we had made the right decision. At 12 weeks we put our daughter in the hands of the very capable, warm, nurturing staff and left content knowing she was going to be well taken care of. After over 5 years of care, our daughter Carly has evolved into a caring, loving, smart, happy child. As much as any parent would like to take all of the credit, we have to give credit where it is due and thank the staff of Kiddie Academy. My daughters teachers (Miss Lisa, Miss Patty, Miss Maggie, Miss Maria)- were all great, loving and warm and taught my daughter so much. Miss Alissa, the Academy director was diligent, always friendly, always around to talk, listen and help-and with a smile on her face EVERY TIME! Now that my daughter has started kindergarten she truly has a leg up after being at Kiddie Academy. We think of the staff often and truly miss them daily. Every day was like bringing my child to stay with family, which is comforting to know as we all head off to work. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy and hope this helps any ďnewĒ parent with their decision making.
Thank you Kiddie Academy!!
The Nichols Family, October 2011

Dear Karen and Alissa,
Thank you so very much for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for my children.  I truly believe my children have excelled at Kiddie Academy - both socially and academically - because of your staff's creativity, patience, and dedication. 
I will never forget how impressed I was when I discovered there was a whole curriculum designed for each age group - even in the toddler room!  For a whole week, my then 14-month old son learned about body parts and colors using Teddy Bears.  At the end of the week, the lesson was summarized by making and decorating gingerbread men cookies.  How fun!   
You and your staff have the awesome responsibility of protecting my most precious treasures: my children.  And I specifically chose Kiddie Academy because of the wonderful job you all do.
Thank you!
Mother of a 4 yr old and 2 yr old, December 2009

Dear Alissa,
Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for our kids to grow up in.  From a Momís perspective, itís so nice to know he is cared for, safe and Happy when I canít be with him.
We Love You,
Pat & Charlie, June 2009

Our son Christian has been in your center since the start of 2009.  I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled we are that we chose KA of Greenlawn, in large part due to the obvious influence you have on the center.  We are also very pleased with Christianís direct caregivers, Miss Lorraine and Miss Shannon.
We had both sons in other Kiddie Academies in the past and so we know the brand and we know the overall structure that is provided by ďcorporateĒ, but itís clear that you are a cut above and obviously deserving of your accolades.
I donít have the center ownerís email address but I would be disappointed if you did not forward my comments along to her. 
Best regards,
Parent of a 2 Year Old, April 2009

I just wanted drop you a note to tell you what a beautiful job you and your staff did for The Week of the Young Child.  My daughter is in the UPK program with Miss Amy (who I cannot say enough good things about) and I work outside of the home, so I donít get a lot of opportunity to be at the center.  It was o enjoyable and educational and I was amazed and impressed by all the creativity and hard work that was put forth for the families to enjoy.  Thanks to you and all at
Kiddie Academy for your hard work and dedication to the children and their families.
Best regards,
Parent of a 4 Year Old, April 2009

Carolyn & Patty are terrific!!  Thanks for sharing your talents.
Your kindness is in the Details and is most appreciated.
Parents of a 4 Year Old, April 2009

Thank you to all the teachers of Kiddie Academy for loving our children so much.  I am so grateful for all of you and the care and attention you give to our daughter!  Thank you!
Parent of a 2 Year Old, December 2008

Dear Alissa,
I though you would like this to put pictures of your beautiful son in!  I canít thank you enough for all of your hard work and efforts with my son.  It meant the world to me knowing he was well taken care of at school.  Have a great summer and thanks for everything!
Parent of a 4 Year Old, June 2008

To All the Staff at Kiddie Academy and Especially my teachers in Manatees I.  Thanks for all you do for me. I love it here!
3 Year Old Child and Family, April 2008

Thank you for all that you do all year round.  We appreciate your help with our sonís allergy issues.  Thank goodness he grew out of it!
Parents of a 4 Year Old, April 2008

Dear Alissa,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you have provided for our daughter.  Congratulations on your recent award. You deserve it.
Parent of 3 Year Old, April 2007

Congratulations Director of the Year!  We appreciate all that you do for usÖYouíre the Best!
Warm regards,
4 Year Old Child and Family, April 2007

Dear Alissa and Karen,
Christmas is the best time of the year to say Thank you for the work you have done.  You opened the door to a higher standard child care and gathered the best people around you with knowledge and lots of care and love.  Wishing you the warmest and happiest Holiday
Parent of a 3 Year Old, December 2005